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Huawei 2019 BTS Rollout

  • Huawei 2019 BTS Rollout

Project Description

April, 2019
Geotechnical Investigations
John Makumbi
QTE Ltd / Huawei Uganda
Telecommunication Masts

Atoria Lab completed soil investigations for QTE contracted to construct telecommunication tower in Uganda under the 2019 Huawei BTS Rollout.

Atoria Lab was brought in to assess the load capacity of the proposed tower locations and propose design parameters to enable efficient structural design. During the construction of these projects, quality control tests were conducted on concrete and compacted fill to ascertain compliance with design specifictions.

The project sites were located in Kabale, Kampala, Mbarara and Wakiso districts.

Key Services

  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Site Characterisation
  • Design Recommendations
  • Monitoring Requirements
  • Quality Control testing

The Requirements

We are a group of Geotechnical engineering experts working with our clients to deliver quality, timely and on-budget services beyond the client’s eexpectations and above the current industry standards.

We work closely with all our clients in an effort to match them with the best resources and provide solution specially tailored for their project needs.

With the dynamicity of the environment and the engineering world, we are often faced with new challenges that require new solutions. Our enthusiastic team is always ready to train, learn and explore new technology and ideas to solve geotechnical issues encountered on our sites.

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