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Bussi Swamp Crossing

The Project

The Wakiso District Local Government proposes to construct a swamp crossing (2.5km) to connect the Bussi island to the mainland at Kasanje.

Bussi island is home to over 30,000 people but the only mode of transport connecting it to the mainland are manned wooden canoes that can transport a few people and agricultural produce at ago. This usually takes 1.5hours to cross the swamp but the government hopes to cut travel time to this island up to 10minutes after the construction of this crossing.

The proposed project shall span for 2.5km from Bubebere to Muziina bay.  With the completion of this project, the government hopes to extend services like schools, health care and electricity to the people and to boost tourism. Bussi island is home to endangered species of birds like Shoebill stork, long-toed lapwing, kingfisher, village weaver, African Jacana etc. This shall boost tourism revenue for the area and the country at large.


Atoria Civil Lab Ltd was contracted to conduct an extensive Geotechnical investigation of the swamp and the ground underneath to ascertain the suitability of the site for the project.

Key Services;

  • Hydrological Survey
  • Rotary drilling up to 22mbgl
  • SPT tests for soil bearing capacity
  • Classification tests
  • Triaxial tests for soil strength
  • Settlement analysis of the site by simulation and consolidation tests

The soils encountered on site were mapped on a strata profile which was presented to the structural engineer together with other soil parameters obtained in the laboratory.

At Atoria Lab, we are committed to delivering quality, on-time reports and data to help structural engineers make informed design decisions for a safe, cost-effective project.


Client: Wakiso District Local Government

Location: Kasanje, Wakiso District

Year Completed: 2020

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