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Atoria Civil Lab performs in-house and on-site testing of construction materials for multi-storey buildings, power stations, schools, bridges, dams, buildings with multiple basement levels, residential structures, warehouses and hospital.

Our vast breadth of experience and inventory of sophisticated equipment enable us to provide comprehensive geotechnical investigations from the preliminary geological evaluation and site selection to construction observation and testing, and final documentation.

Our success is measured by the partnerships developed with repeat clients and ability to recognize the clients’ perspective and goals.

At our laboratory, we analyse soil samples from your projects all around Uganda. Established for years, we are nationally recognized for our quality analyses and timely reporting on the materials investigations. Our high volume capacity promotes the timely delivery of test data.  

  At Atoria Lab, we test soils when the engineering properties of the material encountered on site are a requirement for design of the proposed structure and to help clients manage underground risk. Our specialist services include;  
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We aim to help the client produce the most cost-effective, safe, informed

and efficient design for their proposed developments.