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Our Testing Capabilities

Atoria Civil Lab Ltd uses standard methods to assess the soil, rock and ground water conditions prior to design and construction phases of development projects. Specialist services include, but are not limited to the following types of investigations;


Large structures investigations

Deep foundation investigations for large structures such as Multi- storey Buildings, Power Stations, Dams, Bridges, Power Lines, Shopping Complexes and buildings with multiple basement levels.

Ground Stability Investigations

Stability investigations for sites underlain by Soluble Rock. Our final
Report makes recommendations on the suitability of the site for a proposed structure, based on the results from the Test Pit
exploration and Percussion or Rotary Drilling (rock chip logging) phases of the investigation

Shallow foundations investigations

Shallow foundation investigations are conducted for single and double storey infrastructural units, such as; Schools, Ablution Facilities (with associated testing like infiltration rate test for soak its), Residential Structures, Warehouses, Clinics and Shopping Complexes.

Bulk Water Supply Systems investigations

Deep foundation investigations for the various infrastructural units forming part of bulk water supply systems such as Waste Water Treatment Works, Reservoirs, Elevated Water Tanks, Fuel Pump Stations and sub-surface pipe lines; with the associated calculations required for detailed designs such as lateral earth pressures and bearing capacity.

Geo-Environmental Investigations

Geo-environmental, hydrological investigations and water sighting for environmentally sensitive developments such as Filling Stations, Landfill Sites, Cemeteries, Effluent Dams and Golf Courses.

Materials Investigations

Detailed materials investigations for the construction of roads and parking areas, pipelines and infrastructural units which require extensive layer works such as fields and embankments. These investigations focus on the testing of material for the suitability or the re-use in construction.

Borrow Pit and Quarry Investigations

Detailed borrow pit exploration exercises conducted in order to locate possible sources of material which are suitable for the use in construction, such as material used as bedding for pipelines, layer works in roads an buildings and rock and clay for the use in earth fill dam walls.