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Field and Laboratory Capacity

Field Capabilities

Deep Foundation Tests

Rotary core drilling

In-situ Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

Light Dynamic Penetrometer test (LDP)

Deep soil and rock sample collection

Shallow Foundation Tests

Test-pit excavation, strata profiling, and sample collection

Dynamic Cone penetration testing (DCP)

Water infiltration test for proposed soak pit locations

Installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation (e.g. piezometers)

Structural Integrity Tests

Rebound (Schmidt) hammer test

Rebar location

In-Situ concrete core sampling

Cone Penetration test for the foundation

Traffic and Pavement Management Tests

Structural pavement testing e.g. pavement thickness

Pavement quality testing

Road condition and ride quality survey

Laboratory Capacities

Soil Classification tests

Moisture content determination

Grain size Distribution (wet or dry sieving)

Atterberg’s Limits (Liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index )

Linear Shrinkage

Soil Hydrometer

Specific Gravity

Unit Weight

Soil Strength tests

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test

Standard proctor (MDD/OMC) test

Soil Swell/Collapse potential

Consolidation (Oedometer) test

Direct Shear Box test

Stabilized Soil Testing and Research

Soil Chemical Tests

Soil PH test

Calcium Oxide Content

Aluminium Oxide Content

Silica Content

Ferric Oxide Content

Soluble Sulfate content

Soluble Chloride content

Initial Consumption of Lime (ICL)

Initial Consumption of Cement (ICC)

Concrete Tests

Slump cone test

Concrete Mix Designs

Compressive strength tests

Sampling and Testing of Fresh Concrete and Grout

Aggregates Tests

Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)

Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)

Aggregate Flakiness

Ten Percent Fines Value (TFV)

Water absorption test

Specific gravity

Sodium Sulfate Soundness (SSS)

Sand Tests

Fines Modulus

Water absorption

Specific gravity

Bulk Density


Sodium Sulfate Soundness (SSS)

Clay, Silt and dust Content